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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat

hey Tuesday! it is coffee chat day. ohh, i like this topic the "If you really knew me" topic and i am going to pair it up with Monday Quiz about me too. lately i have been missing blogging on Monday for some odd reason. gotta fix that (with a cup of coffee!)

if you really knew me....

--you would know that i am caring and sweet and kind to a fault
--you would know i love sweet tea
--you would know that i love to travel
--you would know that i love college football...GO NOLES!!!
--you would know that i could not eat all day as long as i had a drink in my cool gear cup (juice, flavored water, diet coke, sweet tea etc.)
--you would know that i love the colors--pink, purple, and blue
--you know that i have way too much bath and body works and victoria secrets
--you know that i really do prefer to be without clothes and shoes than with them LOL!

so, you feel like you know me better?



  1. HA - It will sound funny, but that is why I love summer: less clothes and no socks or shoes!
    I really need to drink more water...I think I should get a water bottle that I keep with me all day long. that way I won't snack and I get my water intake. Not giving up coffee though. Just. Can't. :)
    Nice to have you back chatting!

  2. Hahaha - love your last one! How I hate to be back in shoes (and other clothes) after two weeks in the Caribbean :)

  3. I am obsessed with bath and body works!!

  4. I'm with Claudia, the last one is fabulous and yes, I NOW know you a lot better than before. It's funny when I read Les' prompt I took it as if I knew her NOT me, so that's where I went with it. I may have to use this prompt for another post. :)


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