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Thursday, July 18, 2013

All about him-Boy Behind the Blog!

oh how i love link-ups and blog hops! well today this one is about the "boys"/men in your life taking over your blog and giving their answers to some questions! Never The Same Spice Twice is one of the host! love her, her blog, and her cute baby belly :) gotta love the men! thank you love for not thinking me blogging is silly. real trooper i got here! here we go! click on the pic to join the link up and tell us about your man!

Boys Behind The Blog

here he is-"the boy behind the blog!"

here is what he had to say:

1. what celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?-Forest Whitaker

2. what is your dream car?-Dodge Charger

3. do you have any tattoos? what? where? and why?-no tattoos anywhere. no need for them :)

4. boxers or briefs?- boxers my dear! (we will spare you a pic on this one-LOL)

5. three (3) random facts about yourself-
1. i love geography; especially US state capitals
2. i enjoy writing (this is true, i have received many beautiful letters, cards,and notes!)
3. if i was not doing what i am doing (i am a Public Address Announcer for various sports and their teams in Jacksonville, FL) i would be a lawyer....Esq. Jackson!

**speaking of public address announcers (hey all it is me the "girl" behind the blog"-LOL) my love was just selected top 10 (out of over 200 applications) for auditions to be the next Public Address announcer for the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars! now on to the battle for top 2! i wish him the best of luck and promise him my continued love, blessings, and support. if/when they open up voting to everyone, i will be sure to post the link to go and vote for him...the/my "boy behind the blog!"
(thanks Google Images for all the pics!)
~eloquently rambling...


  1. Congrats to your man! I love this series. I saw a similar one on VMac& Cheese too. :) (Found you via the Lovely Blog Hop!) Have a great weekend!

    1. thank you Kimberly! i will pass the word on to him! congrats on being a co-host of that blog hop too!

  2. Thanks for linking up!!! Haha, love that we were spared on the boxers know it never even occurred to me that someone might consider that...I'm definitely reading through every post to see now! LOL! Congrats to your guy, that is exciting stuff!!!!

    1. Sessy, thank you! yes, certain pics should be spared! Ha! hope no one posted any! hope you and baby are ok and your "boy" is too. Any other link ups you have let me know. i would also love to be a co-host for one or more of them too!


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