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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

day 10-Inspiration

day 10 of the july blog challenge is here! wow! july is moving forward. thank you to all for the get well comments. it is getting better day by day. now on to inspiration!

day 10...who inspires you?

people in general inspire me. everyone is different. we all come from different walks of life. we all have different experiences. sometime when i think my life is the worst ever, i think about some of the things i have heard from people/students who have little to nothing and can some how strive for better, and do better to lift themselves up or give you advice without knowing by speaking to you and you LISTENING. not only do they make me think...WOW, but also if they can do it with their current situation...what is really holding me back? it is not that i am lacking anything to survive as they may be, it is more of i am lacking motivation to better myself. if they had 1/10th of what i have they would move mountains. we all have it in us, we just need someone to inspire us to bring it out. thank you "people" for sharing your story and your life to let us know... it is not that bad, one can do it and it only gets better! **who inspires you**?

this quote sure sums it all up:

i sure do miss Bill Nye...the science guy!

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  1. Very nice post, and Bill Nye The Science Guy was awesome!


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