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Friday, July 19, 2013

July Blog Challenge Update! Days 15-19

wow! where have i been? oh, just co-hosting a blog hop and following a link up. i did not forget about you dear July Blog Challenge. here is my attempt to catch up!
day 15- a good deed you have done
i try to do good deeds when i can and expect nothing in return. i work with students at a local college and i do a good deed daily by helping them fill out their Pell Grant forms to see if they qualify for FREE money to go back to school. it is worth it all when they do well and succeed. most of the time they are returning to back to school or they it is their first time and often times they are the first in their family to go to college. it is sure an eye opening experience to how lucky i was and still am. i also have at times lent money to those close to me that need it. i hope to get it back soon, but if not, it is still good karma and blessings in its own way. **what are some of your good deeds?

day 16-one thing you have NOT done that most people probably may have
oh, are you ready for this one? i have NEVER been to Cracker Barrel restaurant and i think MOST people have. not me. my love says he must take me, so i hope i will enjoy my first time experience with him! to be fair, today (july 19th) was the FIRST time he has ever rode a MOST have done that now right? 
oh, the PERFECT pic (LOL!!)

day 17-Seven (7) random facts about me
1. i have never been to cracker barrel
2.i have never broken a bone
3. i have lived in Sicily (thanks military)
4. i like to walk...i can go for miles-provided i have comfy shoes
5. i have way too many bath and body works and victoria secret products-they know my name in those stores
6. i would rather be hungry than thirsty initials are O.K. as in OK...OK??

day 18-something that you own that is embarrassing
hahah, does my brother count?-though i do not "own" him :) j/k, i love him dearly, but he can be silly, like all siblings can at times!

day 19-write about someone you really care about
aww! i just did that with this blog post HERE. he was nice enough to answer some questions for me for a "boys behind the blog" link up. it was ALL about him!

Boys Behind The Blog  

looks like i am all caught up now...happy reading!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Haha I feel the same way about my siblings.

    1. Jen, thanks for comment. we can relate at least. he looks like he is up to something does he not?

  2. Glad to see you back posting....I missed you. I enjoyed the facts from your man!

    1. Paula, missed you all too! glad you enjoyed the facts about him. he is pretty neat...most of the time! hahah!

  3. Welcome back...Cracker Barrel. I don't know do lots of folks go there? In our neck of the woods Bob Evans is far more popular, but we do see Cracker Barrels and it's our 2nd choice when traveling for breakfast.

    1. Sandy, it is popular in the south. I still have never been :(


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