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Monday, July 1, 2013

My day and Day 1 of blogging in July

hello there july! yea you are here! my birth month too! i have been hashtagging...
#lastdayat28. before the challenge question here is a bit about my day:
-it was busy
-had a nice fb chat with my love
-had a delicious meatball marinara sandwich for lunch and chips
-it is my last day at age 28...tomorrow i will be 29 (for the first time around!)
-got some treats...cheesecake and grapes at winn dixie
-caught a little of the RHONJ on hulu (wish they would catch up)
-caught the last bit of the CNN special "The "N" Word"-wow Paula Deen, you have sure started a dialog about this if nothing else.

July Blogging Challenge
ok, now day 1 of the challenge: goals for the month of july: (click on the firework july blog challenge pick to take you to the challenge/blog hop)
my goals:
-to save at least $1000
-to turn 29 peacefully-b-day is july 2--ummm, that is tomorrow!
-to go to the pool at least once this summer-come on weather corporate! 
-to do well at work
-to say a kind word to someone at least once a day
-to skype with my love more often
-to see my love this month
-to exercise at least every other day
-to be more punctual...5 min early rather than 1-2 min early (pushing it)
-to get my room in a clean state and sorted
-to participate and link up with more blog hops and return back the follows from those that have followed me. thank you!
-to do/finish the july blog challenge!-do you think there will be one for august? i would like to host it and come up with questions if there is one!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Great goals. My friend Cristy is having the August challenge but if you want to have one, I will follow! As for Paula Deen, I think she must of really ticked someone in the media off. Cause they are really trashing her!!

    1. Cool to know Paula. is there one each month? yea, she must have got the media mad, but hey, her cookbooks cannot stay on the shelf long enough. i did like her shows, and i still do, i have even made a few of her recipes!

  2. I think striving to be kind to someone is a good goal to have.

    1. hey Flora, thanks for stopping by! i think it is good too and i am going to strive for it! not that i say mean things, just to say more nice things more often!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!! The on time one is a good one! I shoot for 5 mins, but it usually ends up being more like 1 or 2 with the girls..

    1. M and the M...yea! thank you! once the kiddos get older you will be back to 5-7 min early! LOL!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Visiting from the Blissful and Domestic Blog Hop.

    1. Jazmin, thank you! so glad you stopped by!


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