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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A 4 NOT 3 day weekend for Me!

*yep a 4 day and not 3 day weekend for me :) i have put in many hours at events after work and since i do not get overtime, they "pay me back" in time off that i do not need to use my leave for. yippee! back on Wednesday!

*why is that at around midnight or midnight-thirty (12:30 am) (lol), blogger seems to go slow and keep crashing with Google Chrome?

*scored some good deals at Victoria's Secret! their panties this time, i guess left over from the semi-annual sale are $2.99 each! whoa! i got 7 (7 days in a week and your wear your panties one per day..teheheh) and some smell good body butter jasmine rose i think (75% off) all for an even $30.00. that is like the price of 2 panties on a sale day right? hurry go and see if your Victoria's Secret still has some 75% off and $2.99 deals left. Also, if you are interested in checking out a few sites that help you earn money/gift cards for FREE check out my post about my first 3 HERE. more will be added from time to time :)

*blog hops may be over for this week, (wait are they really ever over?) but i am still hoping and finding ones to follow. one good blog leads to another! for those that have followed back...THANK YOU!

*My Love...oh my dear Love. he has been extra nice to me this week and i am thankful. i wish him well this long weekend. he announces various sports games (depending on the sport in season) and he has TEN (10), yes TEN, as in TEN, DIEZ, DIX, games to call all later on today. i am sure his his voice will hold out, but i know he will be so tired. i always tell him, keep liquids and cough drops near by...and he does :) he does a FANtastic job, is the biggest sports fan i know, and knows all the plays in every sport...even Canadian Curling. i am SO proud of him and tell him each chance i get. he has my heart always!

~eloquently rambling...


  1. Enjoy your long weekend, you deserve it!!! :)

    1. Jen, thank you! You do too with all that landscaping and decorating of your new home you have been doing! Enjoy! :)

  2. New follower :). Thanks for the tip about Victoria's Secret...heading over to their website right now!! :)


    1. Jennifer, thank you for following back! The sale was in store, but there may be some extra things online right now too! Bras in store were $15.99 each :) Hope you score some great deals. Love the address too! I miss kermit and Miss Piggy :)


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