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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My First Liebster Award! AHHH!!!

Wahoo! this is my FIRST blog award. how neat. thank you to Jessie at this blog: Blogging While Single and Over 30. make sure you check her out!

now for the rules of this here award; there are 4
1. Share 11 facts about myself 2. Answer 11 questions from the nominator 3. Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award 4. Create 11 questions for the nominee's to you know the rules, not sure why everything is we go!

11 FACTS about me:
1. i am a girl/woman 
2. i have lived in Sicily for 3 years
3. i thought i was born in Chicago b/c at the age of 6 months we moved there and all my baby pictures were there.
4. i have allergies to ALL nuts (except almonds) and ALL seafood.
5. i went to Florida State University...GO NOLES!!
6. i am a Florida girl. even with the military, always managed to make it back to Florida
7. i studied Public Health for my Masters...if anyone knows of a job opening anywhere...PLEASE let me know!
8. i like thrift stores :)
9. i have a younger sibling..7 years younger!
10. i am reading 50 shades of Gray..slowly, but surely. watch out my love, my inner goddess is emerging :)
11. in december of 2012 it was my FIRST time opening, de-seeding, and eating a pomegranate!

Nominator Q&A: 
my biggest fear are snakes. i start my day off by waking up...then going to pee. my favorite person is the good Lord above. i prefer comedy over action...i like to laugh. the one thing i would do to change the world is to find a way that NO ONE would be or go hungry. we have SO much food in America that this should not be taking place. i started blogging b/c of others. i followed people's blog and then said, hey, i can do it. then i got some followers and it is taking off nicely. my hobby is reading, hunting for sales and freebies, and helping out my little brother (he is autistic). my favorite tv show is Law and Order: SVU, Real Housewives, and Days of Our Lives. if i could have a mentor it would be Mya Angelou. i prefer cold weather, i can bundle up to be warm. only so much you can take off when you are hot and too much sweat makes me itchy. remember the show captain planet? i would want to be mother earth...Gia so i could give instructions on how to save our planet. 

My Questions:
1.what is your middle name? 2. how did we meet? 3.what is your favorite snack food? 4. what is your job title and/or what is your dream job? 5. what is you favorite/dream vacation spot? 6. what is your favorite sports team? 7. what is your favorite song? 8. what do you cook really well? 9. what is your favorite smell? 10. if you could study/learn about anything, what would it be? 11. what is your pet peeve?


Congrats to you all above and I hope your blog continues to grow!


  1. Following from the Matrimonial Monday blog hop.

    Congratulations on your award!

    1. LuAnn, thank you and welcome! I hope you have a great day!

  2. Kelly, thank you! girl, i am constantly changing my background. feel like a candy mode right now. you are welcome! thank you for the prayers and well wishes. we could all use a little boost right?

  3. I dont know if it took my last comment because my computer times out but I was not sure if the nominees needed to answer the questions only of they won or answer them on their blog or your blog etc. Also - I love Italy and have always wanted to go- Why where you in Sicily?

    1. kelly, we were in Sicily due to the military. it was our overseas duty station. you can answer them on your own blog. it will be your post for the day :) thank you again and welcome back! your blog was lost there for a second :(

    2. thanks again- I totally forgot to come back to see your response- I thought it would come to my email- gotta figure this stuff out soon- oh well....thanks again- I will do that on my blog soon! exciting- do you have pics from Sicily or have you done a post on it- I would LOVE to see that post! also- I may have been tweeking my blog- not sure why it was down? thanks though!

    3. kelly, sadly, not much pics. i was 13 when i moved and mad to leave my friends and no digital camera then :( i am not sure how to get the comments to pop up on my e-mail either, but i am sure they do at some point. cannot wait to see your new blog design!


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