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Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Vibes and Hungry

Please sent good vibes my way! I need them. I need good vibes from everything from work, to the hunt of a new job, to love. All areas have had their little snags, but I know in the end will be okay. I will still be patient and kind, as we should be because I still have SO much to be thankful for. Thanks for the good vibes y'all!

Also, does this happen to you also? I wake up and I have little to no appetite. I am up by 5:50am, out the door by 7:00am and at work by 7:30am. I am still not hungry until about 10:00am (maybe this is when my body fully wakes up). Anyhow, it seems like as soon as food hits my mouth, I am HUNGRY for so much more. It is like: "Hello, I am you appetite, and I am here now, so please feed me!" Hmmm?? Breakfast was good none-the-less.

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  1. Consider those good vibes & prayers sent! :-) I'm actually co-hosting a Tuesday's Prayers link-up that starts today, and would love for you to stop by and check it out. I'm also your newest GFC follower.

    1. Ramsaygrace, I will be there. There is so much that is heavy on my heart today. The Lord sure knew that I needed to find you! Thank you and God Bless! Thank you for following back too!


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