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Friday, January 11, 2013

Findings and Sad News.

Findings: Look what I found today and you would not believe where!! I found this, see picture below  and it usually around  $2.98 to $3.50 depending on where you shop at. Well, I found this little gem at the DOLLAR TREE!!Yep, for $1.00 for 48 oz. So excited. I LOVE the dollar tree and yes, everything in there is $1.00. If you have not been in a Dollar Tree, you are missing out!! They have good things there. Cards of all kinds are 2 for $1.00, Books, School Supplies, Cleaning products, Food, Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Candles, Flowers, Vases, Home Decor, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner Calenders, Candy, Drinks, the list can go on! Some even have a frozen food section where you can get frozen dinners, ice cream, frozen veggies, frozen fruit etc. I have even seen rib-eyed steak. Again EVERYTHING is ONLY $1.00. I would just be mindful if you are going to purchase food there to check the expiration date. Nothing they sell is expired, but the expiration date that the product can still be in the shelf at stores may be close. I lucked out on these and bought 5 (so spent $5.00 total. At $2.98, 5 would be $14.90. So I saved $9.90...WAHOO!) and they are good until April 13, 2013. If me and my family do not finish it off by then...well, all 5 will be gone in about 1 week, so no worries here. Hurry into your nearest Dollar Tree and see what great things you can find! Happy "Dollar" shopping! 
Sad News: I found out today that the person I was hired to replace b/c she fell ill, then got better, but then decided to resign to focus on her health, just passed away as of yesterday I never met her, I only saw pictures, but I was still sad. She had some heart issues which is why she was out ill since Nov. 2011. That is when I was first hired as a temp, and then I applied for the position in March of 2012 when she put in her official resignation letter, and I got it officially as of April, 2012. Now that she has passed, I do feel bad, but I know it was not my fault and nothing I did wrong, like I said before, I never met or heard of this person before, but somehow I feel that it is some type of "Bad Omen". Is it?? I mean I am now working the job that a former person who has now passed away was working. Hmmm?? Although I got the job fair and square after rounds of interviews, elimination sequence and all many months before today/her passing, somehow it just feels strange. From what I have heard about her, I do know she was a person of STRONG faith so I am confident that her soul is now at peace. 

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    1. Jen, yes it was :( From what I have heard about her too, she was not even in her 60's yet. Makes you thankful for each day you see right?


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