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Thursday, January 3, 2013


I just love surprises...who does not? Well, I got a huge one yesterday 1/2/2013. My love came to visit me!!! It was such a surprise (lets see how many times I can say surprise in this post :p). We were chatting on Facebook and on the phone and he said oh yea, I am at work etc. etc. and then all of a sudden, I look up from my desk and here comes this fellow with a dozen red roses walking in. OMG! If I was not at work, I would have screamed! Instead my mouth was open in shock and (you guessed it) surprise and then I covered it and almost cried. Then another surprise came up when he had to leave SO early :( His silly work had to call/e-mail him saying there was a mandatory meeting. Who does that? I was mad, not at him, but at his job for just all of a sudden deciding, "Oh, we are going to have a meeting and if you are not there, you may be out of a job :( Well, to no ones surprise, I said, "Go ahead and go, you need to and no worries, we will make up for this later". I did not want him to lose his job for missing the meeting. I am just thankful that he saw the e-mail/call in time or this may have been a different surprise and post! (AHHH!) Was I hurt by this, yes. Was it his fault, no. Regardless of this, I was SO happy to see him! Made my start to 2013 a great one!!

My love always did say, "You never know when I am going to make the ride up there and just pop up on you and surprise you!" Hahah, he is too funny, but he knows how to sweep a lady off her feet and surprise her! Thank you my love for a great time, although short, it was good and needed and I know I will see you real soon. I love you! This is the lovely surprise I got when he walked in...

Surprise count: 10 :) LOL!

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  1. Jen, yes it was! I miss him everyday. Thank you for your comment :) How is the move/settling in coming along?


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