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Sunday, January 6, 2013

This and That...

I really have no true topic for this post so it is going to be "This and That".

--Did 4 miles today. My body needed that.
--Made a triple berry smoothie with Chai seeds and honey. It was good. A bit "seedy" but I have a new found respect for honey now.
--Decided that I will post daily on this here blog (if I can) even if the post title has to be "This and That".
--Will let the woes of Facebook and its mess up not effect me SO much. It gets better each day. I hope my love calls. Now I feel as if something is up? Hmmm?
--Thank you to my followers/readers!! I hope I am  not boring you :) I have the Google Follower gadget thing on my blog now :)
--My father is in to this eat vegetables phase. They are good. Sauteed kale and spinach and french green beans are really good and hearty. 
--Learning to just sit back and observe. I think this will assist out a lot in my current situation. Please come around My Love.
--Ready for another week at work and week 2 of the money Challenge! My brother and I are doing it. It is $2.00 this week. Are you doing it too? I know at least one of you are (Navywif33) :-p

~eloquently rambling....

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