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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I do and I don't

-i do like it when i get some quiet time in the office.
-i do like it when i hit my goals.
-i do like it when someone makes me laugh...bloggers you included. some of the things you write crack me up!
-i do like it when my love reads my post and notices the (ehem..BIG) ring picture on my post and comments about it me...he is working on it. i am confident he can do it! i told him the picture made it look bigger, you know like your side mirror on your car says "objects may appear closer/bigger than they actually are". i am sticking with this :)*oops.... looks like i now need to be mindful of what i write, now that i got my love to read some of my post...tehehe :)*

I DON'T...
-i don't like it when i see a huge bug of any kind!
-i don't like it when people are rude when you are providing them a FREE service.
-i don't like it when i am out of something cold to drink. warm drinks...ewww :(
-i don't like it when i have to throw food out :( i figure if it looks questionable, or has been in the office fridge (which has a lock b/c people steal) for 5 days or up to a week, i toss it. i would rather throw it away then get sick and have to spend hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars to get better. to me...NOT WORTH IT!!!

happy weekend :)

~eloquently rambling...


  1. I can't stand rude people!! Drive me absolutely crazy.

    1. i agree Jen! Glad you and I are not that way :) really come to think about it, no one i know is that way or i make it a point not to know them anymore!


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