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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yoga, Quiet Then, and Street Signs.

Again, I think I have this habit of thinking of things to blog about that really do not relate to each other. Oh well. Happy reading anyway. Here we go:

Yoga: I found a yoga video on YouTube and decided to try it with my mother and brother. OhMyGoodness, Yoga is NO JOKE!!! It is not just warrior poses and downward dog, it is a major core workout. I felt so out of shape when I was tired and my heart was beating like crazy after staying in "plank" pose and "cobra" for 45 seconds. My legs feel MUCH better now as my calfs have felt SO stiff lately.

Quiet Then: Today has been quiet at work. I have 2 people scheduled to see me. So far one is a No-show :( It was a quiet day and then all of a sudden...a TON of e-mails just come popping in from this admin person, and that, and all needed IMMEDIATE reply. So I spent most of my morning replying to e-mails (and cleaning out a few too) :) Took a walk to the end of the campus and back too. I get SO stiff if I sit in one place and I just cannot stay seated for to long at the office (at the movies, I can sit 2 hours straight no problem; must be b/c I am engaged in the movie). It took about 10 min total. It was a nice little break after the e-mail attack and the fresh air although wet and damp was nice.

Street Signs: Today for "Welcome Back" week at the College, they are making street signs for the students. It looks like a license plate, but they have the school logo on it so it is nice. I had one made for me, my brother, my uncle&aunt and the family...PHEW!

~eloquently rambling...

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