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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What makes a Good Teacher?

I currently work for a college. I assist students through a grant program known as the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) fill out the Pell Grant and work on Admissions into the college of their choice. Classes have just started back up again for the semester and I am located in the student center. You can imagine ALL the things I hear! :)

One of the many things I hear as students are registering and eating and hanging out is a lot of talk about teachers/instructors. Usually it is b/c they did not do so well in their class and they are telling their friends or others "Oh No, you do not want THAT teacher/instructor". This made me wonder: What makes a good teacher? Is a good/cool teacher the one that "gives" you the A or maybe even the B in class? Is the bad/old-fashion teacher the one that gives you a C- or a "failing" grade or perhaps goes back on their "promise" of giving you that extra 1/2 of a point to get you to a passing grade (even though YOU have missed a "few" assignments after that "promise" had been made)? Hmmm? What ever happened to going to class to learn? Now it is more of, what do I need to know to pass your class.

My advice to all this is: Go to class, every day it is held. Get a planner (they are $1.00 at the dollar store) so that YOU remember your assignments, do them well and turn it in so that near the end of the semester you are not relying on a "promise" you and the teacher/instructor made after midterms. Get help if you need it. Someone knows something about the subject that is giving you a hard time. Usually, if you show you are trying your best (good teachers/instructors know who are serious students verses those that just want to pass) and are in class each time, if you happen to be on the boarder of pass or fail or you really need that A or B+  the teacher/instructor will usually give you that EXTRA point to put you where you need to be (this has been true for me a few times when I clearly knew I was supposed to get a B+ or even a C and somehow managed to get a final grade of a B or an A) like "MAGIC".

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