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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crisco and Music

Yes, I know these two things are NOT related in any way, but they are on my mind right now. First with the Crisco. I have VERY DRY skin mostly due to eczema that I have had since I was little. I have been reading on what are some good remedies for dry skin and Crisco came up many times. They also say it is good for the hair if you use a hot iron/comb/straighter. So I got a small container of the SOLID form it (the one with a pie in front of it) to try. I figured, it is not too expensive, it is natural since it is just solidified vegetable oil and palm oil, and if I do not like it, well, I can use the rest of  it for cooking and not buy it again. WOW!!! So far my skin feels...NOT DRY or ITCHY . It is a cheap and good alternative the more expensive products out there/body butters.  It does not feel greasy and NO, I do not smell like a pie or fried food :) (thank goodness!). I hear you can add some essential oils to it like lavender, mint, lemon, rose, etc. if you would like more of a smell (as plain/vegetable Crisco has NO scent), but I use body spays so no need for that for me. After my shower, I used it all over my body and I have a feeling it will be a keeper. Wanted to share..sometimes "kitchen" products are little gems! If you decide to use it PLEASE make sure you get the plain/original/vegetable Crisco and NOT the "Butter" flavored one; as then you may smell like a pie or fried food!!! If you try it, let me know! :)
Now, on to music :) It is "Welcome Back" week at the College and well, today is Music with a DJ and Photo Booth pictures. Good for the students, but for us workers, well, we cannot hear too much of anything right now, b/c it is loud. I/we only have to listen to it from 10:00am to 2:00pm. I can handle it, light schedule today for me and well, at least there is a variety of genres being played.

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