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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ahhh, what is going on with me?

hey all...happy Thursday! so, i am all over the place today with SOOO many blog hops and link ups happening this thursday :) there is Lovely Thursdays with Her&Nicole and there is Thumping Thursday with Ephesians 5:33 Wife
HER & NICOLE  photo ThumpingThursdaysBadgeUpdated_zps023d2983.jpg

what is going on with me??? so yea, no judging allowed okay. so...

---i am literally just feet away from a Subway at work and yes...they have and will probably take all my money (maybe i should just have a tab running there). but hey, i get a free cookie and unlimited refills in drinks with my cup for the day. i blame their loaded baked potato soup for all of this! 

--yes, i am now following The Duggar's Family blog. seriously, they are an oh so cute family. i do wonder however, do they EVER get into an argument? i mean if you watch the show...we have NEVER heard of them getting upset at each other. oh, if our lives in general could be that in the sense of no arguments or moments of being upset.

--i am becoming more positive and trying to relax and take things for what they are. positive readings and quotes are helping out a lot. i am still also on cloud 9 from the National Championship game where the Florida State Seminoles (my alma mater) WON!!! wahoo! so riding this one out until 2015 (hey, again do not judge it was 14 years in the making and i saw it in my lifetime...LOL).



  1. You can never say no to Subway. At least I can't :)

    1. Noor, if i want to save anything i am going to have to say no :)

  2. On my - that Subway soup does look good! Thanks for joining the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

    1. Jill, thanks for having me join! it is really good! i could eat it everyday and so far i have :)

  3. I love Subway, it's so good!


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