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Friday, January 17, 2014

Find Beauty, Friday 4, and Happies and Crappies

it is Friday! yea! and a 3 day weekend so double yea! i am linking up with a few folks today so here we go.... and welcome post 380!!

Italy is beautiful, ah to go back :)

Don’t you love when you get to spend HOURS DOING NOTHING!
I wish there was a were MORE HOURS IN THE DAY but I would settle for THE ABILITY TO NOT PROCRASTINATE.
When I hear the word CARE I always think of LOVE
  My dream IN LIFE is TO BE A MOTHER
--good communication for most of this week
--being told i look like an actress Lupita Nyong'o this blog post HERE
--all files caught up at work
--saving some money
--eyes are improving day by day
--tummy issues
--still job hunting
--feeling like i am running late to everything :(
--no real quiet time



  1. More hours in a day is always on my wish list.

  2. I have had plenty of hours lately to do nothing, and I have pretty much had my fill. although spending it that way because you are sick is not really the ideal "doing nothing".
    my cousin went to Italy this Fall, and all his pics made me want to go so bad!! He visited a lot of the architect, museums and churches so it was a very artistic tour. just lovely.

    1. Rory, yes, Italy is great! I hope you are feeling better

  3. I hope you get some quiet time this evening. I plan to go home, curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and a good movie.


    1. me too! i need to be like you and get some hot cocoa going!

  4. If you figure out how to get more hours out of a day please let me know!

    1. will do Hillary. We could just travel to all the different time zones!

  5. Uhh Italy sounds amazing.

    I'm so with you on feeling late to everything! What the heck. I've had a horrible week when it comes to punctuality -- here's to a more on-time week for us both!

    Glad you linked up with Find Beauty Friday :) ~Jenna

    1. thanks Jenna! yea, that is my goal for this week to be more on time and to stop eating at that subway that is a few doors down


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