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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Social #84

it is Sunday, so time for Sunday Social.
Sunday Social

let's learn about you and why you blog?

1. name of blog and how long blogging--my blog is Eloquent Rambles and i have been blogging consistently for a little over a year now.

2. why do you blog--it helps me with my writing and i have met some neat people. also a form of  a journal for me. i just adore link ups and blog hops!

3. first blog ever followed--it was either Jen @ The Adventures of Our Army Life or Leisure @ Piece of Happiness. both reached out to me to say hello and gave me some sponsor space on their blogs

4. favorite 2013 post--hmmm, they were all relevant to a point. my favorite one is probably the end of the year recap one :) ---> HERE

5. blogging goals for 2014--to write something daily, to host or co-host a few blog hops/link-ups, and to take the time to comment on more blogs than just my usual. we all love comments right?

6. to 3 favorite blogs to follow: well, i like them all, but i will have to go with the first 3 that reach out to me in the blogging world and helped me out.

--Jen @ The Adventures of our Army Life (who has an awesome spirit, kind words to say, and running all over the place--i see a full marathon in your future soon!)

--Leisure @ Piece of Happiness (who is about to have a sweet baby boy any day now!)

--Alex @ Munchkins and the Military (who just announced that baby # 3 is coming!!)


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