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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Would You Rather and Lovely Thursday Blog Hop

happy thursday! well, got a few things today such as the Lovely Thursday Blog Hop with Her & Nicole
 and some fun would you rather questions with Innerworkings of the Female Mind

Would you rather… since i am a few weeks behind...

… have one wish granted today or three wishes in ten years?--right now, one wish granted today. i have had a lot of recent health issues, so i would wish that it would just all go away and to never have these eye issues or stomach issues again. i figure if i am healthier and feel better, my other wishes will come true!

… be rich or famous?--rich, i figure if i was rich for whatever reason, fame will generally come with it.

… be super strong or change into animals?--change into animals. you know that expression "to be a fly on the wall" i would turn into a fly and go listen in on conversations/event. i would be a fly FBI...haha!

… have an extra hour of sleep or have $40 given to you free and clear every day?--i will take the extra $40 a day please. it would sure help out with lunch, gas, and maybe a little extra in savings for me each week! that would be an extra $280.00 each week...maybe this should be my one wish granted (hahah!)

have a job as (your favorite’s celebrity) assistant or president of prestigious university?--president of a prestigious university! i would make a good president of a school. working at a college now, i have thought about becoming a Dean of some department or could happen!

… have a private jet or a private island?--private jet; then i could fly to a private island or anywhere in the world :)

… own a polar bear or a penguin?--i would want a penguin, they are SOO cute and i think less likely to bite or harm me as a polar bear might. now, a baby polar bear...too cute!

**what would you rather do?**


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