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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop! (I am a Co-Host!!)

Hello Readers and Friends! Happy Friday! Welcome to the Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop Hosted by Susannah at Simple Moments Stick. I am the Co-Host, Obi at Eloquent Rambles, this week and what a blessing and honor! Faith is a HUGE part of most people's lives and we welcome you to share your post that speaks to that this week (and join us again for following weeks!). 

For me having a strong Faith has allowed me to go forward in many things despite the obstacles. My biggest test of Faith thus far has been with my eyesight. Starting in September of 2013 I began to loose my eyesight in both eyes due to my retina's detaching. A scary experience indeed. It was with quick action, good doctors, supportive family and friends, and FAITH in the Lord, that I was able to go through my needed surgeries to correct the issue and keep/restore my sight. My faith has grown stronger through all of this and my conversations with the Lord are more frequent now because I am truly a believer that He can heal and take care of all things. I have witnessed it in my own life. I pray for continued blessings to all and enjoy the Blog Hop! Share your faith, fellowship, and make a new friend!

~Eloquent Rambles (ER)...

Faith and Fellowship Guidelines
1.  Linkup a post (or more than one!) from the week that shares what the Lord's been doing in your life or speaking to you.
2.  Put the button on your blog post or blog so that others can hear about this wonderful group of Godly women.
3.  Visit as many blogs as you're able and get to know your sisters in Christ!
4.  Share this blog hop on social media using #faithandfellowship or pin the button on pinterest.

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Suggested Topic for Next Time:  Philippians 4:7


  1. What a joy it is to meet you Obi! I am hopping over from Hilary's FFFFF. Your testimony is touching. You stood steady fast in your faith while the Great Physician moved His hands over your eyes restoring them to health. The God we serve is truly amazing!

    Skywatch Friday, Friday Sillies, & FFFFF

    1. Cathy, thank you for your sweet comment and yes, you are correct! I need to head over to Hilary's as well as I am co-host there also...ahhh!

  2. Replies
    1. Caroline, thanks for stopping by and continued blessings!

  3. So pleased to meet you and to participate.

    Wishing you a blessed day.

    1. Thank you Jennifer and same to you too! Hope you stay around and continued blessings!


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