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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boys Behind the Blog/Link Ups

hey Thursday! it is link up crazy day today!!! first off we have...Boys Behind The Blog with Stephanie at Never the Same Spice Twice
Never The Same Spice Twice

oh, here is the boy :)...hey little brother!
and his answers...

1. favorite movie of 2013--Mandela and Winnie movie, just saw it in December of 2013 too!

2. favorite movie quote--"life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get"--can you tell he LOVES chocolate? no shame!

3. favorite type of movie--comedy, i like to laugh

4. new year's resolution--to graduate and do well this last year of college.

5. finish this sentence: "this year i will...--graduate and go on a cruise as my sister's gift to me for graduating! (sister better start saving and booking this cruise!)

some other link-ups today are:
Lovely Thursdays Blog Hop

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  1. I love answers! Especially the cruise one. Thanks for joining the Thumping Thursday bloghop.

    1. Jill, thanks! I will let him know. Need to head on over to your blog and take a peak :)


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