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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Would you Rather, Blog Hop, and Snow Storm

happy Thursday! the snow is finally melting away here in Florida. work resumes again tomorrow! actually looking forward to heading back and yes, i will hit up the Subway for soup and a sandwich! mmm! it is time for the game would you rather and the Lovely Blog Hop. make sure you check me out tomorrow as i will be co-hosting 2 blog hops! i hope i get the HTML codes right and working well :)

so link up here and check out some other great blogs!
now let's play...Would you Rather with my blogger friend over at Innerworkings of the Female Mind

so would you rather....

be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino?--a tiny rhino. i like rhinos and i like just about all things Africa.

… jump into a pool of marshemellows or a pool of jello?--pool of marshmallows :) softer and less sticky and who knows, may be able to take a nap! 

… be friends with Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory or Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones?--not sure of either doctor really, but I think I would prefer/rather the show Big Bang Theory. i like to laugh :)

**what would you rather do?**



  1. Wow you guys got snow too! It has dropped down to -42 degrees Celsius here in Toronto (I think that was the coldest). I am over winter!


    1. me too! i hear you! head over to my blog and check out the blog hops i am co-hosting this week. i hope it does not snow again for a while!

  2. Replies
    1. Christina, i am glad you liked them and a blog post idea too!


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