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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Coffee

happy Tuesday readers... have you had your morning coffee yet? let's chat :)
Time out for Mom

this week we are going to talk about "trends" so...

"I would like to see ____________ trend disappear in 2014."---my, there are SOOO many where do we begin?
 --justin beber trend needs to go
--being aloof to basic and world events need to go (it is not cute to be stupid)
--not caring for the life of another human needs to go (we have had so many shootings at random for no needs to stop)
--texting the person that is literally right beside you. you have a mouth and some vocabulary, use it. what happened to having a conversation with your mouth and not your thumbs to text?
--wearing what you want trend needs to go. know your body and your size. wear close that fit, not so tight that we see everything that maybe should have been hidden. my father has always said that if it takes two to help you put it on, or you need to jump up and down or lie down so you can zip...IT DOES NOT FIT!!!

here is a question from on of the blog hops...Q: if you could hang out with any celebrity , who and why he/she would be?

it would have to be the up and coming new actress from 12 years a slave Lupita Nyong'o. she seems really neat and folks say we look alike :) will let you all be the judge of that. hey, maybe i can play her stunt double or something?? feel free to tell the appropriate people so this can happen!! :)

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  1. Yes, Yes , Yes --- I wish we could say farewell to world apathy!! Sometimes I am stunned at the amount of stuff we've allowed to go on, instead of doing what is right and stopping it. Hello Street of Cages....I am talking about you.
    And yes, if you cannot take at least 3 deep breaths -- the clothes don't fit. when will people understand that ill fitting clothing; is the least flattering.
    Oh my gosh -- you do look like her!! I really want to see this movie. she is just beautiful. I would love to hang out with Robert Downey Jr. just to watch how quick his mind works. or does it ever slow down? I think it would be darn entertaining.

    1. Rory, thank you for the sweet comment. I am still trying to see if i can be her stunt double...haha! Yes, 3 deep breaths indeed or it just does not fit. Downey Jr. would be interesting.

  2. I like your dad's way of knowing whether or not something fits. I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty sure I have some items of clothing that I need help with sometimes. I blame my baby...who is almost 10 months old... Also I am guilty of texting my husband while sitting next to me or in the house together. It's ridiculous. :)

    1. Oh FiveHearts, I bet your 10 month old is precious. It is funny how sometimes we have to text to get noticed by someone right beside us. They tend to answer text faster than a phone call. Ha!


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