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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


hello Wednesday! middle of the week...we can make it. so as you know i love link-ups so here is one for your Wednesday and this one may be a keeper too! i found this linkup through one of my blogging friends i follow--Innerworkings of the Female Mind and the link up is with the blog Harvesting Kale

 here are the prompts...resolving, anticipating, eating, making, remembering...

--currently i am RESOLVING to not have weekly arguments about anything petty. stop, think, take a deep breath, believe and smile. 

--currently i am ANTICIPATING a phone call and my bill statements to come in so i can begin payments.

--currently i am EATING plain chips with half of a subway sandwich on whole wheat bread at the office. hey, half for breakfast, other half for lunch :).

--currently i am MAKING progress with my eyes and weight loss :).

--currently i am REMEMBERING my aunt and happy memories of my loved ones.

**what are you "currently" doing?


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