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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All about 3

hey all! happy Tuesday...hope you all are staying warm, it is cold even here in Florida...yikes, they say we could get up to 2-3 inches of snow. wow! speaking of THREE that is what our coffee chat is about today...THREE (3). 
Time out for Mom

i am not too sure how to approach this topic, so i am just going to list things that generally come in 3's (i am generally not a fan of odd numbers, but 3 is one of them i can handle)
--the 3 little pigs
--goldilocks and the 3 bears
--rankings--small, medium, or large, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, gold, silver, bronze (olympic games coming)
--3 kids
--a child at 3 years of age is doing a lot and communicating and becoming a person
--if you score a 3 our of say 5, you are usually average
--the 3 musketeers
--the 3 scrooges
--3 ice cream flavors--vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
--a group is usually 3 or more people
--the strikes and your out (baseball) and the law too in a way
--3 wishes (usually in kids stories)
--reduce, reuse, recycle (environmental 3)
--you usually give someone 3 chances before calling it quits
--THIRD (3) time is a charm
--3 tier cake (wedding)
--3 stone ring
--I love you! (3 words that mean SOO much)
--YES (a three letter word that can bring hope)
--the 3 wise men (biblical) and on the 3rd day Christ rose

wow! 3 is everywhere. what are some things you think about when it comes to 3? would love to chat with you about it!



  1. Love the list!!
    When I was reading about 3 wise men and Christ rising on 3rd day, it also reminded me that Peter denied Christ 3 times.
    Seems 3 is some sort of magic number. whether in fairy tales, bible stories, or just life in general!
    thanks for joining me for chat.

    1. oh wow! i forgot about Peter. Yes, three is magical. love your chat link-up, keep it up!

  2. I surely love those three tastes of ice-cream : Vanilla , Strawberry and Chocolate.

    1. hahah, me too, but yet i do not care for neopolatin ice cream

  3. I never thought about 3 until your post, but what comes to my mind is my 3 beautiful blessings. Thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist.

    1. Thank you for your comment and wonderful to hear about your blessings!


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